Leslie Kaplan - Les outils
traductions/translations - Louise, she’s crazy

you betrayed me

what ? what ?
I betrayed you ?

you betrayed me

how so ?

you betrayed me
you took my words
you twisted them you turned them around
over and over you turned them inside out
you emptied them
you flattened them

but what ? which words ?

all my words
the words i gave you
you made them into a mush
you took my words
you did something with them you made a mess of them
you made flowery sentences out of them

but which words ?
words belong to everybody

you took my own words
my words

your words ? your own words ?
your secrets ?
I took your secrets ?

you took my words
all the words
all my words
everything i gave you
you took
you betrayed my trust

what are you talking about ?

I’m talking to you about talking
that’s what I’m talking to you about
you know exactly what I’m talking about
I’m talking to you
and what I’m saying
you’re not hearing

I’m not hearing it
or I’m not understanding it ?

you’re not hearing it
you’re not understanding it
you’re missing the point

the point ? the point ?
what point ?

my words you take them
you use them
you distort them
you give them to others
you spread them around
without asking me

for example

no no no
no examples
you pile up my words
you ridicule them
you twist them

I don’t understand

I say to you, You see
and you ask me,
What am I supposed to see

you said to me, You see ?

I say to you, You see
it’s clear
You see
You hear

what are you saying
I don’t understand

“You see”
“You hear”
it’s simple

to see, to hear
it’s not the same
you’re not making sense

I said to you, You see
I said that to you yesterday
and you said to me
What am I supposed to see ?
There’s nothing to see
you don’t hear
you don’t understand

I said to you, “What am I supposed to see ?
There’s nothing to see”
that’s all

you said to me, What am I supposed to see ?
I’m right here in front of you
I say to you, You see
you say to me, “What am I supposed to see ?
There’s nothing to see”
I’m right here, in front of you
I am just standing there
and you, you don’t see me
you don’t hear me

I don’t see you
or I don’t hear you
be specific
for once in your life
try to be specific
words have precise meanings, after all

you don’t see me
you don’t hear me
I am here in front of you
you see through me
I don’t exist

we were talking about Louise
Louise goes everywhere
she doesn’t see anything
she doesn’t see anyone

Louise, she’s crazy

Louise, she’s crazy
she buys everything
she can’t stop herself
nothing stops her
she says it, she says
There’s no reason to stop

but it’s true
there is no reason
to stop

and so you
you buy everything ?

of course
I buy everything

you don’t buy
according to
what you need ?

need ?
what’s the connection ?

what do you mean, what’s the connection
you need something
you’re without something
you buy it

not at all
I never buy something
because I need i


I buy because I see
something that I like

that’s nonsense

well obviously
it’s nonsense

never mind
it’s beyond you

what’s beyond me

it’s beyond us

but what is

not buying
all that

that’s what Louise says

what does she say

she says, It’s beyond me

Louise, she’s crazy
never mind
not buying
you have no principles
you buy a bathing suit
that takes you a week
you go look at it
you go look at it again
you try it on
you ask for advice
that takes you a week

bathing suits are tricky

©Leslie Kaplan, mis en ligne le dimanche 17 février 2013

translated by Amelia Parenteau, from the book Louise, elle est folle, published by P.O.L.

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